Legality of Kratom in Florida

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Saturday, April 2. 2016

Legality of Kratom in Florida

Kratom legality in FL
The legality of kratom in Florida has been tenuous ever since the sad case of a young man who in southern Florida committed suicide. Although this young man was on handfuls of anti-depressants and illegal narcotics, the parents in their emotional state wanted justification, and they found in kratom the perfect scapegoat.

Ever since that day, certain Florida politicians, backed by the pharmaceutical industry no less, have been lobbying to make kratom illegal. Luckily, the kratom community’s dedication to this plant through their writing to congress and protest has swayed many congressmen and women and has lead to the bill being down the bill for the second time as March 2016.

Kratom has been a beneficial tool for so many individuals looking for pain relief or to simply get off of dangerous prescription, or illegal, painkillers. It’s sad that so many individuals resort to fear instead of understanding in situations such as this.

We expect to see the bill return next year in another form, as the pharmaceutical industry seems quite dedicated to this cause. It is up to us, the community of kratom lovers, to fight these inaccurate and unjust charges against kratom. Until then, stay strong and remember to fight for this plant and the users of it.
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