The Guide to Vietnam Kratom

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Saturday, April 9. 2016

The Guide to Vietnam Kratom

Vietnam Kratom

Although kratom has grown wildly in several regions of Vietnam for thousands of years, it is only recently that it has made a big impact on the kratom market.

Because the climate conditions of Vietnam are fairly different from other high kratom producing regions, such as Borneo, as well as differences in the unique makeup of the plants from Vietnam, this type of kratom has quite unique effects.

About Vietnam Kratom

First, to understand Vietnam kratom strains, it should be understood that not all regions of this country are suitable for strong kratom. In fact, only a small area is known for producing kratom in this region, but where it is produced, it is quite strong.

The vast majority of kratom is grown around the Mekong river, where water flows from the higher elevation mountainous regions, bring with it immense amounts of minerals, enriching the soil and providing the essential requisites for the growth of strong kratom plants.

What to Expect: Effects

As kratom users know, no matter how nice the leaf smells or how sweet it is, it doesn’t matter unless it has good effects.
The way in which Vietnam kratom differs from other strains is that it tends to be well-balanced. Almost all varieties of this strain provide both mental energy and physical relaxation, a best-of-both-worlds kind of effect that gives this strain its uniqueness.

Some of the most prominent effects are:

• Pain Relief
• Mental Energy
• Focus
• Physical Relaxation
• Natural Feeling Mood Boost

Although the pain relief isn’t as pronounced as in Borneo or Indo strains, it is still very effective for most uses and is without the sedation that can sometimes cause a conflict of interest in those who are looking for a good strain of kratom for pain relief, as well described in this article on Vietnam kratom strains.

Varieties of Vietnam Kratom

There are a few varieties of Vietnam kratom strains commonly sold, each with slightly differing effects.

Yellow/Gold Vein:

Vietnam kratom, although we don’t yet know why, has a propensity for producing gold or yellow colored veins when dried in a certain manners; this drying process oxidizes alkaloids and creates somewhat different effects from other varieties of kratom, similar to what is done with particular types of tea fermentation. These strains tend to provide a strong uplifting feeling along with fairly notable amounts of pain relief.

White Vein:

White vein Vietnam strains are definitely the most energetic of the Vietnam strains, and can be great for lengthy or tedious mental or physical work.

Green Vein:

Green vein Vietnam strains are quite effect for pain relief, and provide mild stimulation along with anxiety relief. This variety, like most other green veins, tends to last a bit longer than the other counterparts, especially white vein.

Red Vein:

Although not that common, this variety is the best Vietnam strain for pain relief. Although it does have a slight energetic component, it is not as pronounced as with the other varieties. This is a great choice for physical relaxation.

Vietnam strains come in a large variety of forms, but the characteristics and effects they share make them quite a unique and valuable kratom strain for any connoisseur of kratom.
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