Kratom 'Apathy' from Long-Term, Heavy Usage

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Thursday, April 21. 2016

Kratom 'Apathy' from Long-Term, Heavy Usage

Because of the legal heat on kratom, and the wondrous benefits it can provide, not many people like to talk about the potential negatives of this plant, least of all me. That said, I feel like it is my duty to remind people that every medication, no matter how wonderful, is going to have some drawbacks.

One of the drawbacks that some people have found with kratom, is that if you take it daily in high dosages (over 40 or so grams/day) over long periods of time (6 months or more), it can cause a slight apathy in some individuals.

Because I was once on prescription opiate medication which did the exact same thing to a much greater extent, it doesn’t bother me whatsoever as the regular use of kratom for my pain far outweighs the drawbacks. However, some may find a mild sense of apathy over prolonged usage.

This apathy is quite mild in most ways, and many feel it stems from the increased enjoyment in doing less that kratom provides. It’s an effect that basically lowers your tolerance for excitement to a degree.

For 90% of the population, this effect will never occur, but for some it can be an annoyance, and a few who have experienced it have decided to cut back on kratom.

I hope that this article is somewhat helpful and provides an unbiased review of kratom’s effects which will help guide you to smart use of this wonderful plant.
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