Why it May Be a Good Idea to Avoid Kratom Extracts

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Monday, May 2. 2016

Why it May Be a Good Idea to Avoid Kratom Extracts

kratom resin extract

I have been taking kratom for many years now, and I would like to impart a little bit of advice that may or may not help you out along your journey with this remarkable plant.

When I first started taking kratom, the effects where phenomenal, and they remained so for quite a long time. One day, my favorite vendor was offering an extract, and being the curious person that I am, I bought it.

Every usage of kratom I mixed with the extract, and to say the least, the results where phenomenal, all pain gone, a remarkable euphoric feeling, and overall very enjoyable, that is until I ran out.

Once I ran out of extract, I went back to my regular usage of leaf, thinking all was well, and quickly found out otherwise – I was getting little-to-no effect from the leaf that used to do remarkably well for me. So I figured, I’d order more extract – bad idea.

Once this extract was gone and I switched back to plain leaf, my tolerance was high enough for the kratom to do absolutely nothing to me, and that was when I realized that I should probably cut it out.

It took almost a month to get back to the way I was before starting. Kratom extracts can absolutely wreck your tolerance, and if you keep using them, can certainly break the bank, especially if using them for reasons such as pain relief. Visit this page to learn a bit more on how tolerance develops from a scientific perspective.

I hope this word of warning may help you avoid the same mistakes I made. If you do decide to use kratom extracts, I don’t suggest using them more than once every few weeks or you will pay the consequences in time.
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